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Whittaker dodgy on Sooba spending

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.57.22 PMMinister of Local Government Norman Whittaker said he could not comment on the purchase of a Kennedy recliner suite costing more than $400,000 by Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba.

Questioned as to whether he would support such a purchase, the Minister said that is a question for the Mayor as he said that he does not wish to be drawn into speculation.

However, the Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba yesterday confirmed that the purchase of a suite was approved by the council, as she said the old suite was bought 35 years ago. She said the old suite had bugs which bit her.

Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene along with Mayor Hamilton Green and councilors voiced their displeasure over the purchase of the suite. The Deputy Mayor said a portion of the more than $400,000 could have been used to purchase spray cans to aid in the fight of mosquito borne diseases or the garbage crisis.

Meanwhile, sources at City Hall today said the information from the Treasury Department indicated that the Acting Town Clerk is preparing to purchase a 72 flat screen television, a microwave and two electric kettles.

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