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Sooba spends big

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.57.22 PMThe unauthorized purchase of a Kennedy recliner suite by the Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba could have been used to bring relief to the Citizens of Georgetown, according to Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Greene.

Chase-Greene said monies to purchase the suite and other items for Sooba’s office were approved by Head of the Finance Committee Junior Garrett and another committee member.

The Deputy Mayor also said the Acting Town Clerk is preparing to purchase an $8 million vehicle, while staff members do not have access to first aid kits or proper toilet facilities. She so pointed to garbage situation which according to her seems to be a normal occurrence which citizens must put with.

According to Chase-Greene the priorities of the Acting Town Clerk and Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker are different to those of the taxpayers.

However Carol Sooba in her defence said the both the purchase of the suite and new vehicle were approved by the council. Sooba also said the old suite was there for 35 years.

However, that red suite the Acting Town Clerk mentioned was not thrown out as she mentioned, but is being stored in the dilapidated concert hall which is above Sooba’s Office in the 125-year-old structure.

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