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Police say Agricola bandit killed did not have gun licence

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 7.00.31 PMThe police are checking this photo along with others on the Facebook profile page of Kevin Fields, who was killed Monday as he attempted to rob a businessman who was conducting business at an auto spares store.

In one of the photos on his page the man was seen brandishing a large quantity of cash and what appears to be a firearm license in the background of the photo.

This has raised eyebrows in some circles as persons began to ponder how the young man was able to acquire a license and if the document was authentic. Our police sources doubt that Fields was a licensed firearm holder.

And the lawmen are also looking at the surveillance video of that shooting incident involving the 21-year-old Agricola youth. The suspected bandit was shot and killed after he reported snatched a bag containing more than a million dollars in cash from a businessman.  Reports reaching this newscast indicated that the businessman was at the time conducting some business at Ramchand’s Auto Spares on Sheriff and Garnette Street Monday when the incident occurred.

This newscast understands that the young man was part of an Agricola gang that police sources believed was involved in a series of robberies around the city.

On his Facebook page he posted several pictures brandishing large sums of cash, posing with a bulletproof vest and there were also photographs of handguns.

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