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Property dispute

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.40.39 PMThis property is now the center of a dispute between Deonarine Debiprasad and his niece and husband who was issued with transport for the building.

Deonarine said that his sick mother handed over the property to him after the death of his father several years ago. He is also claiming that he made all the necessary payments to the housing ministry to secure the transport for the land. He said he was in the interior working and when he got back home his niece put him out of the building.

His niece told this newscast that the building was handed over to her by her grandmother and she made the necessary arrangements to get the transport, but Deonarine believes that there is something fishy about this move since according to him his mother is not in any state to do anything for herself. The woman is currently bed ridden with a stroke.

The father of 8 took the matter to the court through his attorney Nigel Hughes. Hughes wrote to the minister of housing pertaining to the matter and the ministry responded through the chief executive officer stating that based on the information submitted to the ministry by Satnarine Deonarine, Ramdai Debiprasad and Tulsidai Judistry an allocation was done which has since been rescinded. The ministry letter was issued to that effect to the purported owners.

The woman said she invested close to 2 million dollars in the property and had she known that it would have ended up in a problem she would have never done so. She is currently taking care of her sick grandmother. Hughes is expected to move back to the courts pertaining to this latest development.

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