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Bai Shan Lin claims false

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.31.40 PMChinese company Bai Shan Lin has been boasting of having access to close to one million hectares of rainforest, from which it plans to extract logs and ship them out of Guyana. But Minister of Natural Resources Robert Persaud says those claims by Bai Shan Lin are not true.

Minister Persaud faced the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Natural Resources today to answer questions about Bia Shan Lin Operations; and he brought along Commissioner of Forests James Singh to provide the facts. According to the Forestry Commission’s records, Bai Shan Lin has two state forest permits for which it has to fulfill a number of requirements. Mr Singh spoke of what is involved in the issuance of a state forest permit.

According to Singh, the two state forest permits give Bai Shan Lin access to 345,000 hectares of forest to carry out the various assessments and develop its plans for approval. He said that before Bai Shan Lin is allowed to harvest any tress it has to meet strict requirements.

Apart from the 345, 000 hectares of forests it has access to in the two state forest permits, Bai Shan Lin also has access to some 280, 000 hectares of forest through which it can harvest timber for sale. This is through joint ventures with four companies, the Commissioner of Forests said.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Mr Rickford Viera said that Bai Shan Lin currently has in it its possession 20 claims of one river mile each to mine for gold, and not 20 kilometers as the company has claimed. Those mining claims are not in Bai Shan Lin’s name, up under the name of a Guyanese. While it mines these claims, the company has been issued with two prospecting licences.

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