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US to maintain pressure for Local Gov’t polls

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 6.45.06 PMThe US ambassador took the position of the US government when he spoke on the need for Local Government Elections and the US position is unlikely to change according to a senior Western Diplomat.

The US has been very clear about its position on democracy, elections and human rights over the years and the Guyana Government can complain but US policy is US policy and will remain the same in the future. The senior diplomatic source indicated that Guyana’s position was explained at the Ambassador’s reception and the US saw that for what it was, something that happened in the past, but now it is time to move forward. Guyana knows what the US policy is the diplomat added and knows that the US looks at actions and not just words. At a reception on July 2nd 2014, the outgoing ambassador Brent Hardt came in for an unprecedented tongue lashing from then acting Foreign Minister Priya Manickchand for what the Guyana Government felt was a disrespectful reference to President Donald Ramotar based on his failure to call Local Government Elections. Those elections have not been held for twenty years in Guyana. But just three days before that the US Ambassador was showered with praise by the substantive Foreign Minister Carolyn Rodriques Birkett.

The US is unlikely to react in any way to what the US appears to be saying are mere words but what the Guyana Government described as a “feral blast”. Ambassador Hardt spoke within the confines of the Vienna Convention and what he said was very carefully chosen to convey US policy and the action that the US would like to see in Guyana the senior diplomat added.

There has been rising discontent over the Guyana Government’s dilatory attitude toward local government elections and several western diplomats, NGO’s, civic society organizations and political parties have calling for local government elections.

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