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NIS finalizing electronic system

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 6.46.13 PMIn a significant move, the NIS has now now entered all of the information on contributors to its electronic system, and this would be used to correctly compute benefits for contributors. IN times past, the paper system has robbed many of their hard earned money. But that could soon be corrected, Head of the President Secretariat and Head of the NIS, Dr Roger Luncheon announced today.

With all of information now in the electronic system, what is left to be done is the verification process, and the government has told the NIS that it has to get that work done before the end of the year, no ifs and buts. The NIS had actually asked for an extension of the time to complete the verification process.

Luncheon said that the main problems in the verification process have been encountered at the local offices where sugar estates are located. There have been constant complaints by pensioners and others seeking benefits form the NIS that there benefits are not correctly tabulated.

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