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Police find ammo in Albouystown

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.50.54 PMWhen we arrived on the scene the police were removing the spent shells and placing them aback the police vehicle.

The police are reporting that they swooped down on the James and Victoria Street, Albouystown home late Sunday night and discovered four 4 AK47 Magazines and a quantity of spent shells.

Residents told this newscast that the police were led to the house after a conflict between two brothers at the home. After the conflict boiled over one of the disgruntled brother when to the station to make a report and the police responded and found the ammunition.

Two persons are now in custody as the investigations continue. A fire of unknown origin had recently gutted a house that was on the said James and Victoria street property, leaving several persons homeless recently.  The family pooled their resources and were able to reconstruct their home.

Since the police started the impact Albouystown programme the lawmen have seen some success in the crime fight, recovering a number of weapons and ammunition. That exercise is currently ongoing, with the police maintain a presence by day and regular patrols by night.

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