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Travel Hassle

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.39.17 PMAfter not being able to land at the JFK Airport in New York, Dynamic Airways today left the Cheddi Jagan International Airport and landed in Miami just about 7 am today. It had hoped to fly into JFK, some two and a half hours away, as a domestic flight, even though it had not secured ground handlers yet. Passengers were stranded in Miami for hours, with airline officials saying that it could not take off due to lack of staff to refuel its aircraft due to Independence Day celebrations in the US. Up to news time, Capitol News could not confirm if the flight had indeed taken off.

The launch of the airline two Thursdays ago has been characterised by chaos, haphazard arrangements and unprofessionalism. The airline has missed several earlier commitments to regularize its operations. It had said it hoped to do so by today, but that was not the case. The airline last Friday landed at JFK with no ground handling agent, and said it had hoped to hire one by today, but nothing was secured up to news time. Gerry Gouveia, the head of Roraima Airways which has partnered with the US Airline said the airline would be operating out of Newark and Connecticut until the arrangements with the JFK Terminal are finalized, but there was nothing of the flight landing in Miami.

Meanwhile, reports are that an American citizen was arrested after he tried to board this morning’s flight with cocaine. A total of 7 kilograms and 57 grams of cocaine was found in his suitcase, concealed in milk packets. The search was carried out by the Police Narcotics Branch thanks to one of its sniffer dogs.

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