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No apology needed

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 7.37.42 PMThe government is now looking to haul in the entire diplomatic community here to lecture them on their role in the country, lest there be any doubt, says the government’s chief spokesperson Dr Roger Luncheon. This is in the face of mounting pressure on the government to call Local Government elections. The planned meeting with the diplomatic community is a follow up to the government’s attack on the US Ambassador this week for his statements on the matter.

Dr Luncheon said the US Ambassador broadsided the President when he accused him of applying the constitution selectively when it comes to Local Government elections. The Ambassador spoke at an event of the Non-Governmental Organization Blue Caps on Monday.  

Dr Luncheon accused the media of being mute on the Ambassador’s statement on Tuesday and so the PPP administration waited for an occasion to react, and so it planned what Luncheon called Minister Manickchand’s legitimate and feral blast at the July 4th event at the US Ambassador’s house, saying he had crossed the line; it’s not that that those at the event bothered to listen, with most drowning out her speech with boos and heckling.

Luncheon said the government’s response to the Ambassador was in keeping with the constitutional framework for engaging foreign governments and he read from Article 37 of the Constitution.

Ambassador Hardt is due to leave Guyana Sunday and has already put forward the name of a new Ambassador for the government here to approve.

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