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City Hall marks 125th anniversary

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.06.30 PMFrom any angle you look at it today, City Hall is losing its charm and reputation. They can’t get the politics right inside, though that’s not exactly dependent on internal maneuvers, and so we wonder if they will be able to fix the building itself.

Today marks 125 years since the building was opened for business, and now it faces a desperate fight to keep standing.

The city’s administrators, staring down dry coffers, are unable to come up with the funds to repair it; the central government has pledged to restore the building, but not much more has bene heard of that since an announcement came in April this year. In fact, the City’s administrators have accused the Ministry of Culture of snubbing its request to have a photo exhibition celebrating the 125th anniversary.

Apart from public funds, there has been external interest in funding the project, the government said, without naming those external interests. No price tag has been attached to restoring the building and maintain its architectural style, known as “fancy dress” Gothic.

Just recently, through the efforts of the National Trust of Guyana, City Hall was selected for listing on the 2014-2016 World Monuments Watch List as a site at risk globally. This enlistment aims to raise awareness at both the international and local levels in an effort to promote and possibly help in the restoration efforts.

The site on which City Hall was constructed was acquired from Mr. George Anderson Forshaw, who was Mayor of Georgetown on a number of occasions. On this site then was “tumble down coffee logie” used for dances.

The tower is one of the main attractions of the building, and now, one of the most visible signs of decay. Now, even a climb to get a glimpse of the classical elegance of the Concert Hall is a trip you would have to take at your own risk; a risk we didn’t take.

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