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Caribbean Airlines pilots strike

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 7.01.50 PMPersons travelling in and out of Guyana have more woes to contend with this evening. From a grounded Dynamic Airways at JFK, delayed flights by Fly Jamaica at the weekend, and now a strike by pilots of Caribbean Airlines, cancelling all of their flights today.

The airlines chief executive officer in an internal release described the incident as “unfortunate” saying the strike had disrupted scheduled services at the beginning of the critical summer season, during which the airline counts on most on its operational crews to demonstrate reliability and service.

The Airline expressed concern about the potential negative impact of the disruptions to its passengers stating that “Many families choose this time to travel and have committed hard-earned savings to enjoying this time together.”

The airline’s chief executive said to disappoint passenger’s amounts to a serious breach of the airline’s unspoken contract with them, and a betrayal far deeper than its legal commitment to provide the promised service.”

The airline said that it is in talks with the he pilots’ recognised majority union –the Trinidad and Tobago Pilot’s Association (TTALPA), and wanted negotiations that were open and frank.

The airline said that it was disappointed with the action of the pilots and apologized to passenger, saying it will do its utmost to minimize the delays.

The strike action by pilots of Caribbean Airlines adds to the worries of travelers in and out of Guyana.

Dynamic Airlines, which last Thursday launched Direct Flights to New York is still on the ground there and is shuttling passengers to and from Atlantic City.

The Airline has been prevented from flying “due to what it blames on temporary technical issues. IT had hoped to return to normal operations today, but that was not to be.

And at the weekend, Fly Jamaica, which operates flights out of Guyana to Jamaica and then to New York, also left several passengers stranded at JFK.

UP to News time, Caribbean Airlines could not say when its service would be back to normal.

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