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Appeal Court rejects Sooba’s application

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 6.44.30 PMToday justice Yonnette Cummings ruled that there is no need for a stay of execution of the chief justice Ian Chang’s ruling in that Sooba vs King matter.

Roysdale Forde attorney at law for Sooba speaking shortly after justice Cummings ruling told the media that the application and the need for the stay of execution arose not from any uncertainty of the judgment of the chief justice but because of the acts of Royston King and the council.

Chief justice Ian Chang ruled that former Minister Ganga Persaud had no authority to appoint any Local Government officer earning above a certain salary and the position of Town Clerk fell within that bracket.

The CJ added that Sooba could remain in the Town Clerk position as a de facto (not legally bound) officer since the hiring body the Local Government Commission was not in place.

The case was watched with keen interest by councillors many of whom turned up at the court to listen to the ruling. Deputy mayor Patricia chase Green spoke to the media.

The council moved to appoint Royston King as town clerk after the chief justice ruling but the court quickly overturned that.

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