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Relocation Package

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 7.59.23 PMSquatters at the back of John Fernandes container terminal are beginning to feel threatened as the company moves to expand their business.

On Wednesday the squatters told us that they are seeing movement by the company but they are still awaiting word from the housing ministry.

Currently a bridge is being built at this section that will be used to link the company’s Mandela Avenue office.

The squatters expressed a desire to move but are looking for some form of compensation since many of them have built permanent structures. In addition to that some of the houses have power from the GPL and water supply.

The squatters many of whom have been living there for over two decades said no one in authority is telling them about plans to relocate.

Some of the squatters told this newscast that they were placed there during the days of the PNC administration and remarked that they have applied to the housing ministry for land but to date they are still to get a favourable response.

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