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Land Transport issue

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.00.01 PMThe businesswoman Nandani Persaud said she moved to the court and had an injunction granted for the housing developer Khemraj Persaud to handover the transport.

Four years ago the woman purchased this property for a whopping 22 million dollars at Wallers Delight on the West Coast of Demerara. The businesswoman said the wait for her transport is becoming more frustrating.

In another twist to the story the woman is now alleging that checks made by her at the land court indicate that the transport is lodged with the bank.

 Recently the developer said that the relevant documents are currently at the land court and he was instructed to stop the process.

Singh recently told this newscast that the non-issuance of the transport to Persaud was because she still owes him some five million dollars. He said that the property was sold for 17 million dollars but Persaud showed us all her payment slips to verify her 22million purchase.

Persaud said what is upsetting is that the work on the building is incomplete and she was forced to make an additional investment to bring the property up to standard.

The woman said she is seeking an audience with the businessman to resolve the issue even as she continues to seek legal advice on the matter.

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