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Gates testimony challenged at Rodney COI

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.10.55 PMFelon Robert Gates today disclosed that he began serving his four year prison sentence four months prior to the commencement of the Commission investigating the death of the Dr. Walter Rodney.

Gates who was under cross examination by People’s National Congress lead attorney-Basil Williams told the commission that he was in fact sentenced in August of 2013.

Williams who attacked the credibility of Gates, challenged him on various aspects of his testimony which included him knowing Gregory Smith – the man alleged to have killed Walter Rodney.

Gates who was handed the four year prison term for twelve counts of collecting under false pretense also told the commission that his testimony before the commission is voluntary and that he was not approached by anyone to testify before the commission, while he was being cross examined by Andrew Pilgrim, the attorney representing Rodney’s wife and children.

Gates who reportedly joined the police force in 1978 during cross examination by Joseph Harmon, the attorney representing the Ex-Guyana Defence Force Association told the commission various documents relating to his employment in the Guyana Police Force were allegedly confiscated by Police Officers. The police he said, had searched his house in connection with his association with  the US Central Intelligence Agency.

He also said some records should be in the possession of Assistant Commissioner –Administration Balram Persaud.

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