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Woman claims assault by Diamond Police

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.11.24 PMThis woman is not too happy with the treatment meted out to her by four police ranks of the Diamond Police Station.

Odessa Seenanan said that last Tuesday she was arrested by four male police ranks. She claimed that the Policemen assaulted her, dragged her down the street and placed her in a vehicle. She spent 3 days in the East La penitence lock ups and passed through the court on Friday. She was slapped with 7 charges when the matter was heard in the Providence magistrate court.

The 27 year old Diamond, East Bank Demerara mother of three, said it all started in 2011 when she started encountering domestic disputes. The woman said her relationship was very abusive so she moved to the court.  According to Seenanan the magistrate granted a restraining order against her husband, and he was asked by the court to remove from the couple’s house in Diamond and the woman was allowed to live with her three children.

The woman said she moved to Berbice five months ago and later learnt that her husband had someone living in the house.

The woman said she and her husband separated for the past year after their marriage of three years was not working. She said she decided to speak out so that someone in high authority can give an ear to her voice since in her view her husband and the police at Diamond are working in collusion.

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