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UG campaigns for increased tuition

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 7.01.00 PMIt is just a matter of days before the University of Guyana begins its registration process for new and continuing students. But what the tuition fees would be for the upcoming academic year is still unknown and an announcement is yet to be made by the University’s administration.

In the meantime, over the next four days UG plans to host a series of consultations targeting students along with stakeholders from the public and private sector at the Turkeyen and Tain Campuses.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi says he hopes that the proposed idea to increase tuition fees would not be seen as something bad for the institution. He says some of the significant challenges face by the University is because there is a need for resources.

According to the Vice Chancellor the new fees would be calculated based on the average rate for the US dollar for the year taking into consideration also the country’s inflation rate. The university tuition fees since 1994 was linked to the then US exchange rate of one US dollar to 127 Guyanese dollars.

University of Guyana Student Society President, Richard Rambarran shares the view that the proposed increase should be gradual claiming that the students should not be held responsible for the lack of adjusted fees for the last few years.

The University of Guyana has advised students that registration for the upcoming academic year will most likely commence in July. An e-mail to this effect was recently sent to students about the change in registration dates. For years this process has been done during the month of June.

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