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Councillors threaten legal action

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 6.56.38 PMCity councilors are threatening legal action against the administration of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council following the refusal of the town clerk to pay them their monthly stipend.

What is ironic according to deputy mayor Patricia Chase-Green is that PPP councilors were all paid, but those who are outspoken and objecting to Sooba attitude and disrespect to the councilorsq`1 are still be receive their allowances.

Another issue of concern to the council is their none-involvement in the plans to clean up the city. 500million dollars were allocated to clean up the garbage in and around the city.

Then the deputy mayor expressed her outrage over statements allegedly made by the town clerk about her involvement in corrupt practices.

While the fighting between city hall, the town clerk and central government continues garbage continues to pile up everywhere.

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