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Property dispute in the middle of a court battle

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.03.19 PMThe matter is engaging the attention of the courts but one of the persons Maximillan Fox who is claiming ownership said that plans are afoot to dismantle the disputed piece of the Regent and King Street property.

Fox said he purchased the property for 4million dollars in 2011, he said that the person who owns the building next to his is claiming ownership of the same area and has since moved to the court. Speaking with this newscast Fox said he is surprised that the other purported owner is not willing to wait until the court makes its final ruling.

Fox was reacting to alleged threats by the purported owner who told businessman Terry Deoserran that he has to move by last night.

The businessman is leasing the disputed space from Fox and said he had invested close to 10 million dollars in his business.

Fox through his attorney Mortimer Codett moved to the court and obtained a stay of execution for 30 days; that 30 days ran out.  Mortimer Codett said in April of this year Justice George gave an order in favour of the applicant the Ramlakhans; he said he applied for a further stay of execution. He said by this time he moved to the appeal court to appeal the judge’s decision.

Codett was not happy with the threats to dismantle the building and he made those concerns known.

Up to late this afternoon the doors of the store remained closed as further legal proceedings are taking place.

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