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Guyanese mother, 2 children found dead in car

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 6.48.32 PMPolice in Hagerstown, Maryland are yet to determine how the Guyanese woman and her two children ended up dead.

An employee of the Western Heights Middle School discovered the bodies late Monday afternoon. Police said the car was in park with the ignition off and windows up despite outside temperatures that had peaked near 90 degrees.

The Police have withheld the name of the 32 year old Guyanese woman until after they inform her relatives. Of the children who died, one was 18-months old, and the other just six months old.

An autopsy will determine exactly how the mother and her two children died. Police are checking surveillance video to determine when the car arrived at the school’s parking lot, with reports claiming that neither the woman nor the children had any known connection to the school. The children’s father live in the town where they were discovered dead but he did not live with the mother and was never married to her, Police said.

The woman had recently moved from West Virginia to Hagerstown, about 70 miles west of Baltimore.

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