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Cocaine trafficker granted bail in the US

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.53.59 PMIt has happened again but this time the courier is not in custody. A man who traveled out of Guyana on June 5th 2014 with over four pounds of Cocaine to NY was granted bail almost immediately after he appeared in court the next day.

The man Warren Edward Hawk traveled out on a Caribbean Airlines flight BW 424. Upon arrival at JFK airport the Customs and Border Patrol agents noted that the handles of the suitcases were not fully extended. When they probed the usually thick handles they discovered what field tested for cocaine, nearly two point one nine kilos.

Hawk claimed that he had packed the bags and the contents belonged to him. The following morning he appeared in Federal court and in an unusual move he was placed on $75,000 bond. The bail document was placed under seal. That document would usually carry the name and address of the person who posted the bail.

Hawk who lives in Connecticut had his bail package modified so that he could travel to Atlanta to spend the summer there caring for his son, beginning June 9, 2014 just three days after his arrest in NY.

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