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Police charged for shooting teen in mouth

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.45.15 PMIt was just after 1:30 today police cadet officer France Paul walked into the Georgetown Magistrate to face charges.

Paul was today remanded to prison while another policeman Bichand Singh was placed on bail in that shooting incident involving 15-year-old Alex Williams.

When the matter was called before magistrate Fabayo Azore Paul was slapped with four charges; discharging a loaded fire with intent, assault, inflicting grievous bodily harm and he was charged jointly with Singh with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Paul was remanded for discharging a loaded firearm with intent. He along with Singh were placed on $150,000 bail for perverting the course of justice; in addition Paul was granted $75,000 bail for the assault charges.

On the 4th on May this year cadet officer Paul and a party of Policemen took Griffith from his mother’s East La Penitence home. This was following the robbery of the policeman’s sister in the village. The young man said he was beaten, gun butted and then shot despite pleading his innocence of the crime.

Attorney at –law Dexter Todd said he believes that justice will be served in the matter.

He said this case is a good example that policemen and women ought to know that they are to serve and protect and not brutalize.

Griffith mother said she feel relieved that the matter was finally before the court.

Paul was remanded to prison until June 30th when he will make his next court appearance.

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