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Injured police awaits compensation

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.40.35 PMThe investigation is still ongoing in the accidental shooting of young policeman Samuel Elvis.

Acting commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud could not say if Elvis would receive any form of compensation.

It has been a struggle for young policeman Samuel Elvis who lost his leg in an accidental shooting in March at the police JASAG base.

Elvis spent the last two weeks in hospital after his feet developed an infection.

The young policeman said moving around is a hassle and he is still trying to adapt.

Samuel Elvis had expressed some disappointment with the senior management of the Guyana Police Force in the way they are handling his matter since he was injured in the line of duty.

A police corporal at the Joint services base/ JASAG at Eve Leary accidentally shot Elvis on the 20th of March.

He said he remembered the patrol returning from an operation and were on standby. He recalled seeing the corporal cranking his weapon but paid little mind since according to him the corporal was well trained and experienced.

Commissioner of Police Seelal Persaud said the force is making efforts to get Elvis a prosthetic leg so he can continue to serve the Guyana Police Force.

Elvis told this newscast that he is getting his full salary, but most of that money goes to transportation when he has to leave West Demerara to come to Georgetown.

He blamed the doctors at the GPHC for not administering the right treatment during the early stages of his injuries.

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