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Woman fearful of ex-husband’s plans

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 7.49.08 PMAn upset Carolyn Crawford speaking to this newscast following what she claims are repeated attempts to sell her building by her ex husband.

The building is located at 77 house 29 Costello Housing scheme in the West La Penitence area.

The woman said this has been going over for over 5 years since she and her then husband parted by way of divorce. Crawford has a transport for the building which she said was obtained after she settled all outstanding bills and applied for prescriptive rights for the building. She said it was granted and the problems started from that time until now,

The woman said she made regular reports to the nearby police station but ever so often persons interested in buying the property would  visit.

Crawford said she is becoming fearful for her life and children should someone claiming to be the owner produces false documents.

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