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Squatters aback Chinese embassy ponder relocation

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.50.18 PMIt was two years ago Capitol News first visited the area and the conditions here seem to be getting worst. The houses are occupied by squatters who say that they have nowhere else to live and decided to make this place their home.

If you were on Mandela Ave you probably would not notice the conditions just a few steps from the road.

Thick Vegetation and the Chinese Embassy on Mandela Avenue shield the squatters from public view. Some persons living here say they were informed that they have to relocate because the land that they are on has been sold to a Chinese investor.

There is no proper drainage in the area but yet persons have lived here for quite a number of years under these conditions. Potable Water and Electricity are siphoned off from nearby communities. As other communities are being developed around the country there are areas like this one that need urgent attention.

Once the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils are fully functioning there is a possibility that some of the problems faced here can be addressed. Until such time that can only be a dream since the country has not had a local government election in 20 years to elect new councils.


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