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PNC Attorney accuses Hamilton of lying to Rodney Inquiry

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 9.36.26 PMFormer priest with the House of Israel Joseph Hamilton continued his testimony today before the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. While he previously said that Dr Walter Rodney were among those nt shielded from violence, there was no specific instruction to harm him

On Monday, Mr Joseph Hamilton, now a Parliamentarian with the ruling PPP, testified that the House of Israel religious cult with which he was a priest, carried out violent acts against opposition voices, and that they did so at the behest of the then PNC government under Prime Minister Forbes Burnham. While he said anyone except then Opposition Leader Dr Cheddi Jagan and WPA co-founder Eusi Kwayana could have been attacked, Dr Walter Rodney was not a specific target.

Dr Rodney was killed when a walkie talkie he was holding exploded outside the Camp Street prison on June 13, 1980. Hamilton said that he was among the House of Israel members who tried to break up meetings held by the WPA, the party Dr Rodney led in opposing Burnham and his policies. Hamilton said he carried a unlicenced firearm and he knew about bombs. He said he received instruction on the use of firearms and bombs by members of the Army and Police whom were “brothers” with the House of Israel.

Hamilton said he was present at several meetings with the House of Israel and members of the ruling party.

Attempting to discredit Hamilton’s testimony, lead PNC Attorney Mr Basil Williams, suggested that the former PNC Parliamentarian gave false testimony to scandalize PNC leaders because of his bitterness over a fallout with former PNC Leader Robert Corbin.

Hamilton denied that this was so.

Attorney Williams further suggested that Hamilton could not have known of the workings of the House of Israel because he was not of the status to be in such meetings.

Hamilton will face further cross examination on Tuesday. On Wednesday, former Army chief of staff Norman McLean will testify before the Commission.

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