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June session of Demerara Assizes opens

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 9.41.37 PMJustice William Ramlal took the salute and inspected the parade as the June session of the Demerara assizes opened at the High Court in Georgetown.

The traditional ceremony got underway just around 9 this morning with the ranks from the tactical services union on show.

Some 241 cases are fixed for this session of the assizes, which includes over 51 murders. The retrial of double murder accused Cyon Picture Boy Collier and Jarvis Small heads the list of high profile murders. Collier was fingered in the murder of Victoria brothers Ray Walcott and Carl Andrews back in 2006.

Also expected in this session is the trail of Jarvis Small who is before the court for the murder of Queen’s College student Neesa Gopaul.

A number of manslaughter, carnal knowledge, rape, wounding and buggery matters are expected to be head in this session.

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