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Charges finally in Colwyn Harding case

Colwyn HardingDevin Singh, the main suspect in the charges of assault and sodomy against 23 year old Colwyn Harding, sprinted away from the cameras this afternoon after he was charged in the high-profile case that has been in the news for almost half a year.

When the matter was called before chief magistrate Priya Beharry in the Georgetown Magistrate  Court, Devin Singh was slapped with two charges – assault and assault causing grievous bodily harm. In addition, Constable Rose Tilbury-Douglas was charged with assault.

Constable Singh received bail in the sum of $200,000 dollars while Tilberry was granted bail of $100,000 bail.

Then there was high drama when Singh was leaving the court room. He jumped the court step and bolted out of the gate in a 200 meter dash to the Brickdam police station with members of the media trying to catch up to get a glimpse of the policeman.

Harding accused Singh, who was then attached to the Timehri Police Station of using a condom covered baton to sodomize him while he was in the locks at Timehri.

Harding attorney has since sued the government for 80 million dollars saying that his human rights were violated.

The matter was transferred to the Providence Magistrates court for tomorrow.  Police Headquarters, Eve Leary has said that Departmental charges will also be made against some other ranks involved in the matter.

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