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Kwayana: Rodney’s scorn for Burnham did not mean plot to overthrow PNC

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 8.41.40 PMDr Walter Rodney heaped a litany of insults and scorn on then Prime Minister Forbes Burnham Rodney’s close associate Eusi Kwayana has said this did not mean a violent plan was being concocted to get rid of the Burnham government. Kwayana, the veteran politician and rights activist continued his testimony today before the Rodeny Commission of Inquiry…

Basil Williams, attorney for the PNC, the party which was in power when Rodney was killed on June 13, 1980, drew references to Rodney’s speech to prove his notion that Rodney was violently opposed to the Burnham government and planned a series of activities to achieve his end of getting rid of Burnham “by any means necessary.”

Williams read from the July 20, 1979 speech Rodney gave.

Williams also referred to another part in the speech in which Rodney called Burnham King Kong and said his place of residence belonged in a zoo and this all demonstrated that he was in “a position of conflict and confrontation” with the Burnham government.

Rodney then goes on to refer the building of a residence for the Prime Minister, saying that Burnham was building a palace “in the midst of the most desperate economic crisis” and that “any sane government would not think about building a palace.”

Rodney in his speech had said that “the PNC must go” and that they must go “by any means necessary.”

Williams suggested to Kwayana whether Dr Rodney’s speech could not be interpreted to mean that he spoke about a course of violence to get rid of the Burnham government. Kwayana said he did not infer that.

Williams has suggested that Dr Rodney was “tinkering” with the “walkie talkie” outside of the Georgetown prison when it exploded and killed him.

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