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CDB resists comment on ads placement

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 8.46.59 PMThe issue of the placement of advertisement selectively has come up once again this time the question was asked of CDB officials as they wrapped up their 44th meeting of the board of Governors at the Guyana International Conference Centre. The issue came up on the heels of a half page statement in the Stabroek news which alleges discrimination in the placement of CDB advertisements especially those associated with the Basic Needs Trust fund in the state owned newspaper and at least one other newspaper known for its close ties with the ruling party. But CDB president Dr Smith said he could not answer since he is not aware of the issue.

Finance Minister Dr Ashni singh  who serves as the Chairman of the CDB board of directors.was quick to point out that  he is in no way involved in the issue of ads.

Guyana is said to be the largest beneficiary of the BNTF among CDB borrowing nations collecting over 27 million US dollars to fund various projects and Stabroek news has complained in its statement that queries to the local BNTF office about advertisements have been met with silence. Stabroek News has in the past suffered the wrath of the government when advertisements were withdrawn from the paper under the Bharrat Jagdeo Administration.

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