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AFC ready to restore UG funds

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 8.44.43 PMEven as industrial action looms at the University of Guyana the Alliance For Change is saying they are willing to support the UG annual subvention.

The 450 million dollar allocation was slashed from the 2014 budget after finance minister Dr Ashni Singh linked it with contentious allocations that the AFC says they had no intention of supporting. They point to the allocations for NCN and GINA that were linked with the UG subvention.

The UGSSA threatened to lockdown the university of Guyana Turkeyen campus if the administration goes ahead with cut to staff as well as programmes due to the cuts. Now the AFC is calling on the University Vice Chancellor, student society, staff and lecturers to press the administration to return to the National Assembly with a supplementary for their subvention.

There are also talks about an increase in fees at the University but at least one union is saying that they must be a rise in the quality of programmes offered and the conditions under which they are delivered.

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