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Tower Hotel workers protest for pay

Screen shot 2014-05-27 at 8.44.41 PMAngry and rejected tower international hotel workers protesting the none-payments of salaries and the six weeks lay off without any proper dialogue with their union.

Some of the staffs have worked for years with the company and they are concern about their benefits. They are seeking an audience with management.

To compound matters the doors of the hotel were closed and GPL power disconnected.

A guest of the hotel who checked in long before the problem started said that his stay is very uncomfortable.

The workers are represented by the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union. Sherwin Clerk union rep said that the management through an attorney told that last Saturday that the management was requesting some time to pay them their outstanding monies.

Tower hotel was purchase by businessman Salim Azeez for over 3 million US dollars. The hotel has reported a reduction in occupancy rate since the construction of other major hotels.

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