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footballPresident of the Guyana Football Federation Christopher Matthias this afternoon threw out a challenge to the members of the Football fraternity who went public last week to complain about the Christopher Mathais administration. Mathias said the group when asked to indicate all their concerns only raised 2 items at a meeting called by the GFF.

Mathias said that if and when such a debate or meeting takes place and he is found to be lacking on any of the issues raised he will offer his immediate resignation. He also expects the members of the group which included General Secretary of the GFA Odinga Lumumba, President of the Football coaches Association Wayne Dover and others to do the same if they are found to have been wrong.

The group had tried unsuccessfully to pass a no confidence motion in the President at the Congress in April and may now have to put up or wait for their next opportunity at the reconvened congress just over a month away.


And the WICB today issued a statement on the Independence T20 tournament to be held in Berbice this Sunday. The Board said that the Independence T20 Cup is not part of its approved cricket. Capitol News understands the organisers seem set to go ahead with the Cup and this could invite WICB sanctions on the Albion cricket Ground where it is expected to be held teams from Georgetown and East Coast are also expected to take part and this could spell trouble for them too.

The WICB is also studying the Situation in Guyana with regard to the passing of a Cricket Administration bill in the Guyana Parliament. That bill may be come under court challenge even as the challengers themselves are under injunction preventing them from carrying out the affairs of cricket in Guyana. A prolonged court battle spells disaster for the fate of cricket here with the GCB expected to host a WI vs New Zealand test match from June 26-30th.


Guyana featherweight title hope Clive Atwell gets into the ring in Acapulco Mexico in just over 24 hours with the high expectations of all Guyana resting on his shoulders. Atwell who has never fought outside of Guyana will be seeking his first major World Title. Some boxing enthusiasts rated his chances of upsetting Champion Jhonny Gonzalez.

The fight is expected to be live on Mexican  Televisa Deportes.  Atwell is expected to get around 12 thousand US dollars for this fight.

And media operatives will put down their cameras and pens to challenge a select group of umpires and scorers in a 20/20 cricket match at the GCC ground Borurda. Action starts at ten in the morning on Monday Independence Day. Western Union Trophy stall New GPc Humphrey bakery are some of the sponsors of this match  



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