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Broken well forces Amerindian students to fetch water

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 1.32.12 AMThe Alliance for Change has released video of children fetching water at Paramakatoi in Region Eight as it calls on the government to fix the well in the Amerindian community.

This video was released by the seven-seat Parliamentary party, the Alliance for Change. The party said that the well was damaged earlier this year and residents have been forced to fetch water on a daily basis to do their household chores.

In the case of the School Dormitory, the party said, children are forced to trudge with five gallon bottles of water on their shoulders so that the kitchen can have water to use. The children also have to fetch water for the toilets and other uses. The AFC said that the matter was reported to the Guyana Water Incorporated two months ago by Regional Chairman Mark Crawford but to date there has been no effort to fix the well.

The Alliance For Change continues to accuse the government of victimising the people of Region Eight who handed the party a majority in Region at the last elections.

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