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Anthony says Theatre Guild not “owed” by the gov’t

Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 9.02.43 PMThe Minister of Culture Dr Frank Anthony has more or less dismissed charges by the Theatre Guild that it is owed millions of dollars for use of the facility during CARIFESTA in 2008.  Dr Anthony, who managed CARIFESTA, suggested that as far as he is concerned the Theatre Guild has nothing to get…

The Theatre Guild, the country’s main venue for the promotion of the performing arts, is no stranger to disconnections by the power company, having been saddled with a bill it cannot pay $14 million or thereabouts. According to the Guild, most of that bill was racked up by hosting several official events during Carifesta 2008 period, and it is unable to get the government to pay up. But the man under whom CARIFESTA was held, Culture Minister Dr Frank Anthony, claims there was an agreement for a trade off with the Guild, for which the government investment millions in the rehabilitation of the Guild.

Dr Anthony also suggested that the Theatre Guild needs to sort out its electricity arrangements with the power company. The Theatre Guild is listed as an industrial entity and their electricity bill starts at a mandatory $ 300,000 every month, whether they consume power or not.

The Theatre Guild and the Guyana Power and Light Company are currently in negotiations to not only settle the outstanding bill but also decide how if the entity would be removed from the industrial category of billing.

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