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Lawmakers continue row over anti-money laundering laws

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 9.26.19 PMThe anti-money laundering bill remains in limbo as the government and the opposition both looking to have their amendments made to the existing bill.

Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall that said that the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force had rejected the amendments made to the bill by the APNU, but today the APNU reviled to the media a letter from Caribbean Financial Action Task Force indicating something different.

Basil Williams executive member of the APNU speaking there at the party’s press conference. He noted that the financial intelligence unit remained essentially a toothless “ one person entity”. He said the reality is that the government has no intention to have a creditable money-laundering bill in Guyana.

And the opposition is not about to be pushed over by the government to meet any deadline. Today the APNU Shadow Finance Minister Carl Greenidge said the president must signed the bills passed in the national assembly while the AFC is holding out for the establishment of the public procurement commission.

14 years ago the ruling party with the majority then in parliament passed the Money laundering act of 2000, to date according to the opposition no prosecutions was made.

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