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Escapees charged and sentenced

Screen shot 2014-05-21 at 9.16.42 PMToday two prison escapees Randolph Marks and Steve Bacchus were each sentence to two years in prison for escaping from lawful custody. Both men plea guilty to the charges when the matter was called before chief magistrate Priya Beharry in the Georgetown Magistrate court. On Monday the men made good their escapee along with two other from the court lockups.

Both men after pleading guilty told the magistrate that they want to explained what happen. First it was Bacchus who is before the court for the murder of police constable Wright. He told the court that he was disappointed with the representation he was getting from his attorney who he paid 800,000 dollars so far so he was frustrated. He said when he was down in the cell he saw two shirts hanging at the window,which was already opened. He said he saw when Vickram and Cummings when through followed by Marks and five minutes later he decided to follow them.

Marks who was also facing a murder charges told the court that it wasn’t his intention to escape, but he too was frustrated. He said he saw when Cummings and Persaud went through the window and he followed.

Marks and another man was charged with the murder of Patsan trading salesman Bharat Ramcharran.

On Monday Vickram Persaud who the police say shot and killed tactical services unit rank Micheal Cumberbatch was killed in a shootout with the police at Fort Wellington on the West Coast of Berbice. Seon Cummings remains at large.

Police sources told this newscast the Sophia man was fingered in a series of armed robberies. He was captured during an exchange of gunshots with the police in Sophia earlier this year after he attempted to rob a Sophia resident.

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