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Garbage anywhere and everywhere?

georgetown garbage ity hall psc governmentWhile the battle rages at City Hall over the town clerk position continues at city hall, there are signs around the city that someone is not paying attention to what is happening.

This pile of garbage in Carmichael street is a regular occurrence. Now look at the area carefully. It is the western half of Carmichael street between Lamaha and New Market. Just opposite is the woodlands Hospital and just a hundred yards south is the official residence of President Ramotar. To the North just under 200 yards away is Scotiabank. But those facts are seemingly not enough to get city hall to deal with this pile of garbage.

One resident said the last time garbage was picked up was on the 5th May. This newscast also understands that Wednesday is the designated garbage day but there is no guarantee that the trucks will come. Capitol news tried to get the city’s solid waste Director but was unable to reach him.

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