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Policemen walk free after shooting Pouderoyen Youth

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 9.05.23 PMIn a shocking turn of events the charges were discharged against the two policemen charged with the manslaughter in the White Castle Fish Shop death of 19 year old Dameon Belgrave. Belgrave was shot when the police opened fire behind a group of men during a high-speed chase from Guyhoc that ended up in Hadfield Street.

Magistrate Ann Mc lennan dismissed the charges against policemen Sheldon and Eric Williams due to the inconsistent evidence.

Belgrave 21 was shot dead on the eve of his birthday  on the 6th of October 2012

The young man was standing with friends in the crowded fish shop area when two gunshots rang out from a party of policemen and Belgrave fell to the ground. His friends ducked for cover.

Today Belgrave’s mother at a press briefing told the media that she was disappointed over the entire development and feels she has not gotten any justice.

While many in security circles have accused the police of not following standard operating procedures, the police were still unable to build a strong against their own officers.

It was revealed in the court that someone in the car discharged a round at the police, which resulted in the police responding.

Akeem Henry who was the driver of the car was charged and convicted for possession of arms and ammunition.

Ballistic expert Sergeant Jackson told the court  Belgrave may have died as a result of constable Fraser discharging a round.  Constable Fraser was never charged. Jackson told the court that Frazer had his full complement of rounds when the entry was taken. Fraser was called to testify in the matter and it was revealed that despite firing his weapon along with the other two policemen, when the weapons were lodged he had the full 30 rounds. The attorney for the men Patrice Henry told the court that Fraser should be charged for possession of ammunition since he was able to replace the rounds fired.

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