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Police file now with the Police Complaints Authority

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 9.09.24 PMThe chairman of the Police Complaints Authority Justice Cecil Kennard is talking tough as he reviewed the evidence in the matter involving the policeman shooting of 15 year old boy Alex Griffith in the mouth.

Kennard said that there would be no cover up in the case.

Two weeks ago a cadet office took Griffith from his mother’s East La penitence home and him. This was following the robbery of the policeman’s sister. Griffith told members of the media despite pleading his innocence of the crime he was  kicked, stamped upon and gun butted before he was placed in the police patrol vehicle.

Kennard overtime has been calling for the police to be more professional in the conduct of their duties and use minimum force.

Kennard on completion of his review of the evidence will make his recommendations, which will then be sent to the DPP for her to make her pronouncements in the matter.

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