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Guyana studying Suriname’s Foreign Minister Statement

Screen shot 2014-05-12 at 8.26.30 PMThe Guyana government is said to be studying recent statements attributed to Suriname’s Foreign Minister Winston Lackin with regard to Guyana’s New River Triangle . On Thursday in the Suriname Parliament Foreign Minister Winston Lackin was reported as restating the claim to the New River Triangle which the Dutch country refer to as TIGRI.  The area came back into the spotlight during the end of 2013 when it was discovered that Guyana had granted Muri Brasil ventures  permission for Geological and  Geophysical survey in that area. Foreign Affairs expert Aubrey Norton in a comment to Capitol News said that the Surinamese are contradicting themselves in the matter;

Suriname’s opposition parties had slammed the Administration of President Bouterse during their Parliament saying that the President is not doing enough to represent Suriname’s interest but Norton said that he believes that with the Surinamese Elections just over a year away the issue is being used to whip up support

The two countries have set up a Border Commission that is expected to meet from time to time to deal with issues of interest to both countries and Norton says that Guyana needs to send a strong signal to its easterly neighbour to desist from making such statements while the diplomatic process is underway.

Guyana recently pulled out of an international Mining, Energy & Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (SURIMEP 2014) that takes place in Paramaribo in June to show its disapproval, after a map that was being circulated for the conference showed the New River Triangle as Suriname’s territory.

.If indeed the statement attributed to Honorable Minister Winston Lackin is accurate, then this is regrettable. Minister Rodrigues Birkett recalled the process by which the boundary was arrived at and said that The Government of Guyana, as a matter of principle, has always pursued a path of peace in resolving border mattersand  have agreed with the Surinamese to re-establish the joint meetings of the Border Commissions of Guyana and Suriname to attend to all unresolved border matters with a view to finding a solution to these in a manner that is consistent with international law. The Commissions continue to meet.

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