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Sooba voted out but not giving up the reign of town clerk

soobaThe Georgetown City council has given the town clerk Carol Sooba marching orders but the town clerk is staying put. An emergency statutory meeting  was held in City Hall’s compound overlooking the High Court and  the council unanimously voted in Royston King as town clerk saying that decision is in keeping with chapter 28:01 of the municipal and district council act.

Sooba who is getting the backing and support of the government locked the mayor and the council out of an emergency statutory meeting earlier this week. The council is maintaining that Sooba was imposed on the council, she is disrespectful, refusing to carry out the orders of the council and is not qualified for the job of town clerk.

Today the council avoid another confrontation and decided to keep the meeting in the compound of the municipality. Sooba appointment was challenged in the court by public relations officer Royston King.

It that case the chief justice Ian Chang ruled former Minister Ganga Persaud had no authority to appoint any Local Government officer earning above a certain salary and the Town Clerk position fell within that bracket.
The CJ added that Sooba could remain in the Town Clerk position as a de facto officer since the hiring body the Local Government Commission was not in place, that her position is de facto (not legally bound).

King has since file an appeal against certain aspects of the ruling.

And the council also voted to replace the current chairman of the finance Garrett who the council accused of not working in the best interest of the city.

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