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Gov’t and US row continues

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.08.02 PMYou’re with Capitol News. Now to the ongoing diplomatic row between the government and US Ambassador Brendt Hart. Today, more sharp words…

The President and the his Ministers this week pounced on the US Ambassador at their Tuesday Cabinet meeting; First, they were not happy with the US Ambassador’s speech at a World Press Freedom Day event, when he pointed to censorship, the clamping down on opposition access to state media, and the labeling of some sections of the media as opposition. The Cabinet Secretary today said the Ambassador’s position was preposterous, outrageous, even hilarious and also cynical.

It was the latest fallout with the Ambassador who dared to defy the government and implement a US-funded democracy project that did not get the administration’s vote of approval.

Luncheon denied any reference to a 2009 agreement from which the Americans said they were implementing the project against the new position of the government; the US Embassy said part of the project was about granting Parliamentarians access to the people; the government interpreted that as putting money in the pockets of the opposition.

Anger over the Leadership and Democracy project led the government to cancel the work permit of Canadian Glenn Bradbury was who was heading the project. Luncheon and the US Ambassador are slated to host a joint press conference Thursday.

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