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Top Story: Cocaine suspect on the run

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.17.06 PMThe police are still hunting the cocaine laced tonic laced suspect days after he dropped off the package containing liquid cocaine in the multivitamin tonic.

Four of the suspect’s relatives were killed after ingesting the liquid cocaine that was being sent to the United States.

Dead are Simone Pryce and Natasha George aged 36, Alex Beard 42, and 9 year old Jahkil Baird. George’s 12 year old son Jamal Waterman is still hospitalized and not out of danger.

According to reports a relative brought a parcel to the family at their East La penitence home, containing a bottle of tonic for his cousin Candacie Mc Garrel to take back to Queens in the United States. However this newscast understands that the woman refused to take the items including the SSS tonic.

Mc Garrel reportedly told relatives that she could purchase a tonic in the United States. After the woman left this morning her family decided to drink the tonic and they immediately began expressing discomfort.

At the hospital family members gathered together offering words of prayer hoping that everyone would have survived.

Relatives and friends flocked the hospital compound in shock and expressed outrage over the entire development.

By this time the police were called in and they commenced a search for the suspect while conducting their investigations.

The doctors at the GPHC and the custom anti- narcotics unit were testing the substance contained in the bottle. They believe that the substance is liquid cocaine. The investigation is continuing.

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