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Uneasy lies the Head of LEAD Project

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 8.58.31 PMWe go now to the Controversial Leadership and Democray Project; last week the government revoked the work permit of the man leading the project, and today the Minister of Home Affairs, tried to justify that decision…

Mr Glenn Bradbury had his work permit revoked last week as the government’s anger boiled over regarding the Leadership and Democracy project; the government had voted down the project but the US Embassy had indicated it would go ahead with the project nevertheless and the goevrnemnt saw that as a violation of national sovereignty.

The Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee today said Mr Bradbury’s work permit was revoked with immediate effect and so if he is still in Guyana and working then he would have to know he is violating immigration laws, but Rohee stopped short of saying if the Police would be instructed to arrest him.

Rohee said Bradbury was engaging various groups without the head of those groups knowing.

The government has demanded of the US Embassy today to know whether indeed the embassy was continuing with the project despite the government’s disapproval.

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