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Police shoots 15 year old in mouth

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 9.58.15 PMThe police have since placed the policeman who shot 15 year old Alex Griffith in the mouth under close arrest as the investigation continues.

Late Thursday afternoon commander of A Division Clifton Hickens and assistant commissioner Balram Persaud visited relatives of the injured boy and told them that the police will take swift action.

The boy has since lost his speech while he remains a patient at the Georgetown public hospital. Hospital sources told this newscast that the doctors would do some further examination to ascertain if the bullet is still lodged in his mouth.

The shooting stemmed from the robbery of a relative of the policeman in East La penitence. According to Griffith’s mother a party of policemen took her son from his East La Penitence home. She said the boy was kicked and gun butted in her presence, despite his pleadings of innocence. She said shortly after the police took him away she heard a gunshot.

A resident told members of the media at the time of the robbery the boy was in her home watching television.

she said when they heard the commotion and looked out they saw a young lady crying for help.

Attorney at Law Dexter Todd is representing the interest of the family and he said the police action is unbecoming.

This newscast understands that the policeman at the center of the shooting is stationed in C division that is the east coast demerara.

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