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One dead another injured in Haslington tragedy

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 9.52.48 PMThis was the scene this morning in Haslington as residents were awoken to the news of the chopping to death of a villager and injuries to his wife Lomattie Ramdat.

Dead is Chaichram Bharat of 418 News Haslington Housing Scheme. Relatives told this newscast that bandits stormed into the couple’s home and reportedly took $500,000 in cash.

But the woman’s sister had a different story to tell. She told members of the media that she believed that a man who her sister had a relationship with, is behind the chopping. The woman said the man threatened to kill the woman and her family after her sister decided to end the relationship.

A neighbour told this newscast that he heard the woman crying for help just around 3:30 this morning. He said when he came to her rescue he saw her with chop wounds about her body.

He said later on upon investigation they saw her husband’s motionless body in the house.

Bharat had only two weeks ago returned to Guyana from neighbouring Suriname and was planning to take back his wife and family with him.

The police are hunting the suspect who they believe is from the village as the investigations continue.

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