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Policeman loses leg and confidence in his medical care

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 11.48.19 PMToday injured policeman Samuel Elvis walked into our studios on crutches saying that he was disappointed with the senior management of the Guyana Police Force in the way they are handling his matter.

The best efforts of doctors at the Woodlands Hospital could not prevent them from amputating the leg of the23-year-old policeman.

A police corporal at the Joint services base/ JASAG at Eve Leary shot Elvis accidentally on the 20th of March.

He said he remembered the patrol returning from an operation and were on standby. He recalled seeing the corporal cranking his weapon but paid little mind since according to him the corporal was well trained and experienced.

He then blamed the doctors at the GPHC for not administering the right treatment during the early stages of his injuries. His colleagues rushed Elvis to the GPHC after he was shot.

Elvis said moving around to get the treatment is challenging. He said the police told him that he would be given his salary.

Elvis said he is hoping to meet with the commissioner of police and would welcome the help of a prostethic leg so he can work and take care of his family.

He said if given the opportunity to continue to serve in the Guyana Police Force he would grab it with both hands.

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