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No prayer, so Sooba quits meeting

sooba 18thCity hall this afternoon had to postpone its statutory meeting since the acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba and her officers walked out of the meeting because Ms Sooba was not given the opportunity to say the prayers. The situation stemmed from the decision by Mayor Green to ask councilors to have a silent reflection instead of the usual prayers.

the mayor said the decision to change the order of things was prompted by a recent statement by Sooba which he said was offensive to the Christian community.

Mayor Greene said he is at a loss to understand how the saying or not of prayers made a statutory meeting unconstitutional as alleged by the Ms Sooba. The Deputy Town clerk read the relevant section of the laws under the council’s standing orders and  said that prayers and the pledge are really formalities.

Mayor Greene who adjourned the meeting to Friday morning said the town clerk seems to have a difficulty with understanding her authority.

Efforts to get a comment from Ms Sooba on the walkout were unsuccessful since her staff said she was in a meeting and would have been available at 6.

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